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Milanie Cilliers: Just some yellow lemon trees

Monday, May 25th, 2015

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…and remember to thank the lemon trees!

If we could see the world through the eyes of children we would believe in the unbelievable, hope upon the hopeless and love the unlovable with the greatest sincerity. The world would be the garden and we would be the green keepers – loving, hoping and believing in each seed we plant. This is the type of attitude that I see in the children at the President Kruger Orphanage.

On the 18th of May, the Grade 1-3’s welcomed their two new lemon trees “Barney” and “Japie” to the family. They were truly fascinated by the new adventure of planting and looking after their own trees – so excited that they could hardly contain themselves. The children were eager to help and get their hands dirty with the hope that the trees would grow with each passing second. If we could adopt a child’s philosophy we could save the planet, one step at a time.

Michaela Le Roux – It`s A Doggy Dog World…………My visit to the SPCA in Boksburg

Monday, May 25th, 2015


 Upon my arrival, I found Crystal Smit (our fellow semi-finalist) at the SPCA, as well………What a pleasant surprise :)

We’ve spent the morning, feeding the dogs, cleaning their kennels, washing some dishes and learnt some interesting facts about our most loved animals!!

 Did you know? 

1. Cats and dogs are able to hear a wider range of sounds and softer sounds than humans.

 2. All cats and dogs that are adopted from an SPCA will be sterilized.

3. Dogs are not colour-blind. They do see in colour, but not the same way that we do.

4. Dogs’ noses have about four times as many scent cells as cats and 14 times more than humans. That’s why they are frequently used to sniff out allergy causing mold, termites, illegal drugs and missing persons.

WHOOF WHOOF #YouLearnSomethingNewEveryday

As Miss Earth South Africa Ambassadors, we also took the opportunity to educate the staff on the importance of greening and keeping our environment clean.  I`ve promised the care-takers, Sollie and David, that I will return to the SPCA for a day of greening.


Milanie Cilliers: SPCA -Take a walk in their shoes

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Don’t judge a person before you’ve put yourself in their shoes.

This is precisely the challenge we accepted as 2015 Miss Earth South Africa Regional Semi-Finalists. Celetia Reinders and I took some time to visit and volunteer at the SPCA Centurion. We spoiled the SPCA volunteers/employees with crème sodas and popcorn to enjoy while we did some of their work.

Our first task included packing and rearranging the Charity shop, their very own initiative, which forms an important part of their income. Walking and brushing the dogs was certainly no walk in the park and it gave me an instant sense of respect and admiration towards the volunteers and employees.  Animals, like any living being, have the inherent need to be loved and spending time with these poor animals is proof that every dog deserves a home but not every home deserves a dog. If you are desperately searching for the true meaning of unconditional love, adopt a pet at the SPCA.

I took a short eye-opening walk in their shoes and it was anything but easy. SPCA volunteers and employees I take my hat off to you!


Nomazwi Majola- #StationeryDrive at Lulama Primary School Soweto

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

On Thursday the 21st May 2015, a few of my Earth Sisters and I travelled to Pimville, Soweto to continue giving the gift of education, by distributing stationery to the grade 5, 6 and 7 learners at Lulama Primary School.

It was a very enriching and fulfilling experience, knowing that by doing something small I can actually change somebody else’s  life drastically. I had a lot fun from engaging and getting to know more about my Earth Sisters, taking pictures and ‘selfies’ with the kids, speaking to some school teachers and also just spending time and getting to know the different members from the ‘Soul Buuddyz Club’, their songs still are ringing in my head, “… Soul Buddyz thanda bantwana(Soul Buddyz loves children), Jika lele, Jika lele, Jika lele…”.

In South Africa it has been recorded in the Journal of Education no.55,2012, that just over 50% of children drop out of school due to the lack of essentials that are needed for school such as textbooks, food for lunch, uniform and stationery. I have learnt so much about the importance of making a difference in somebody else’s life whether big or small, I must truly say I live to try and put a smile on everybody’s face who I cross paths with in life. The reality is that through this stationery drive we have been able to decrease the burden in families who also face serious challenges of getting basic necessities for the school children.

Lulama Primary School was built in 1967 but 48 years later the school still has a lot more work to be done in terms of the improvement and renovations of the school. I really am happy that the Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Programme has chosen this school to help with the improvement and renovations and making a difference in the learners lives. 2015 will be an interesting year to see what more the Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Programme can do at Lulama Primary School.

Remofilwe Nkeane: Thought for the day

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

There’s nothing more attractive than someone with passion for something, who looks at things positively and is always seeking to better themselves. Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and lady with class. Your hard work will never go unrewarded

Sending green love to every Miss Earth South Africa Regional Semi-Finalists.

Celetia Reinders: Swop Shop

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

On Monday 18 May, I had the privilege of being invited to one of the coolest and informative initiatives I’ve ever seen. The name of the game is “Swop Shop”.

The project entails that learners collect recyclable items, and bring them to school. Each of these items has a certain value of points. The learners points are then added up, and learners can “buy” stationary, bathroom luxuries such as toothbrushes ,sweets or toys with their points.I found this amazing because it encourages learners to keep their environment clean, raises an awareness regarding recycling AND gives learners something in return.

As soon as the learners have completed their shopping, we sorted the different items together and headed off to the recycling grounds. I met the friendliest and most hard working staff there, and learned even more interesting facts about waste and recycling. Now I have even more to share in the future!

What an enriching experience.

“Good planets are hard to find. Help protect ours and recycle!”

Rachel Giddy: Rachel speaks to the learners at Sea Point Primary School

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Wow! Today’s experience was a wonderful one. Walking into the Sea Point Primary School took me right back to the years of my own primary education – what a fundamental time in one’s life. The joyful, happy laughs of the children enjoying their mid-morning break, and the colourful setting of the school, was a lovely backdrop to the presentation I had to deliver.

As a Miss Earth South Africa Regional Semi-Finalist, we are to do a number of projects within our community. It was such a privilege speaking to the grade 7 learners at Sea Point Primary and I thoroughly enjoyed their warmth and keen interest on the topic at hand.

It was important that I could walk away knowing that the children had learnt three key points: to reduce, reuse, and to recycle. Despite the load of environmental information that I’d given the students, I was delighted that those three concepts stuck, and were even recited back to me with great enthusiasm.

I write this with a thankful heart as I am reminded of the beautiful smiles and minds that I was able to be a part of today.


Happy, happy after the presentation :)


Celetia Reinders: Workers Day 2015

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Worker’s Day is a holiday where all the hard working people in our country receive a well-deserved day off. It takes place on 1 May each year. However, there are a few citizens who are committed to making our country a better place, by doing smaller jobs which make a huge impact. These individuals work so hard and often go unnoticed. I decided to thank these ladies and gentlemen for continuing their hard word, even on a day off.

There are many jobs in our country which often go unnoticed or are not appreciated. I packed lunches containing a sandwich, a juice box and an apple. I then drove around town searching for people who were still working on this day. I handed the lunches out to security guards, car guards and even construction workers. Many of them had not yet eaten, and were so thankful.

I truly hope that these people are thanked more often for taking such pride in their work. It was so humbling to chat to them and hear more about their jobs and stories.

Divashni Reddy: Once Upon a Green Journey…

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

There once was a young lady who loved the Earth so much that every little creature and plant brought her so much joy, that her soul would dance with splendor. But the young lady’s immense love for the Earth was the cause of her ever breaking heart. For the Earth was very ill and the sight of this beauty being unwell broke the young woman’s heart.

“If only there was a way for me to save my Earth”, thought the young lady. Until one day, a mighty tribe of female Earth warriors took her in and taught her how to defend the Earth that she loved so dearly! This fierce tribe was called Miss Earth South Africa!

I would like to thank the Miss South Africa Programme for the opportunity to be apart of this amazing journey and for having faith in my abilities to make a difference!

Words can not express how honored I am to be apart of this amazing cause! I will be the best Earth warrior that I can possibly be and use this platform to its fullest. I pledge to make a difference in the world even if it is done one person at a time and I will make the future a greener place!

Divashni Reddy: Touch of Pink – Fashion for a Cause

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Fashion Show for Breast Cancer Awareness:

Some of the most beautiful events come about when fashion meets a worthy cause and Crawford Prep North Coast hosted such an event!

Pink lighting and decor filled the ramp with the essence of the charity that was selected as this years beneficiary. The Pink Drive, a campaign created for the awareness and education of breast cancer, whose  mission is to spread the message that “Early Detection Saves Live”, was the proud beneficiary of this adorable and glamorous fashion show.

The brilliance of this event was not just that it was for a worthy cause but the stars of the show where learners from grades 1 to 7, showing us that charity can start at a tender age.

The incredibly cute kids brought their A-game to the catwalk as they showed the makings of future supermodels and stole the hearts of every person that attended the show. They held nothing back and showed the audience what three weeks of training could do, while they modeled clothing by Sticky Fudge, Eco-Punk, Cow Girlzz, J Beenz, Cotton On, Jay Jays, Naartjie and Keedo.

The guest list was also star studded with the likes of the KZN Miss South Africa Ambassador, Miss Ethekwini, Miss Ballito and us (The gorgeous green girls from 2015 Miss Earth South Africa Programme). Even the compering was done by celebrities, Sorisha Naidoo and radio personality Ravi R.

I am so honored to have attended such a spectacular event and to have been invited as their VIP guest. Nothing warms the heart like the children being a part of such a beautiful event.

I was also greatly taken aback by  Janice Benecke, the KZN administrator of Pink Drive who is a 3 times cancer survivor. This  extraordinary woman sat next to us and the look of sheer happiness on her face when she saw the kids on the ramp can not be put into mere words.

This was an event that will live in my heart for years to come!