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With Life, There comes Growth

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Three Schools. One Rainy and Cold Day. 25 Trees. 1 Food Garden.

Knowing the joy I brought on a stormy day, made MY day brighter. As I awoke on an early, windy and snowy winters morning, my heart simply sank as I heard the wind and storm outside my window. Disappointment filled my heart, but I KNEW I would not forgive myself if I took the one planting day away from those children, who’s been looking forward to it for quite some time. Come rain or shine, my hands were meant to get dirty that cold winter’s morning.

I had absolutely no help, but of those little hands. Freezing, they all got so excited when I handed them all baby-spades. It was at that moment, when the drizzle became less, and the sun came to say ‘Hello. All of us got down on our knees, put on our rain jackets and we started planting. In the freezing cold, I saw little red noses but colgate-white smiles as they laughed and enjoyed what we were doing. We Even had a little mud-fight at the end.

Just when I thought the worst is over, the rain started to pour again and I told them to go inside, but my heart cried with overflowing JOY as those little hands joined mine, as they insisted to help me until the very last tree and until our vegetable garden was done.

My heart and my soul burns with GREEN love as I say this, but when our hands joined together, THAT is when the Impossible, became Possible.

When darkness and rain fill our lives and when we feel like we are filled with disappointment and negativity… ONE simple helping hand, one smile or one touch can turn it all around.

At the end of a very challenging day, I realised one thing: Each and every little seed or Tree we planted that day, will Give Life. And will Grow.

With that said: With Life, there comes Growth.

Let’s Hold hands, and let’s Grow together.

Green Kisses


Lets Raise Awareness

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Broken bottles and charred pieces of glass
Wadded up newspapers tossed on the grass
Pouring of concrete and tearing out trees
This is the environment that surrounds me?

Poisons and insecticides sprayed on our food
Oceans filling with thick oil crude
All sea life destined to a slow awful doom
These are the things we are to consume?

Mills pumping out iron expelling yellow fumes
Airlines emitting caustic gases from fuels
Weapons of destruction tested at desolate sites
And this is the air that’s to sustain life?

There has to be something that someone can do
Like raise the awareness to those around you
That if we don’t heed the problem at hand
It’s your life that’s at stake, the destruction of man.

Victoria Kitley – Mandela day preparation: Solwazi primary

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

It was a remarkably chilly morning and some of the Miss Earth South Africa girls had been asked to help prep Solwazi primary before th big day on the 15th. We arrived at the school grounds to find a very desolate school yard with not much in it. It was clear to us that this school needed a touch of Miss Earth Green magic and we were all to eager to get started. We helped Ella decide where the tyres for the veggie garden should go, what colour to paint the classrooms and then helped polyfill the classroom walls and protect the floor  before the painting took place. Although we had helped start the preparation, there was still a lot that needed to be done and so on Monday the 14th July, a few more girls came in to help with the final things before the big day. On this day we worked hard by painting some of the tyres for the veggie garden, poly filling the other classrooms and making sure no marks were left on the walls. I can safely say we left feeling more fulfilled that we had done a bit more to get the grounds ready and things were starting to take shape.

On the 15th, I arrived at Solwazi primary with Steffani Alexander after we had picked up Deon (Head of Tsogo Sun) who kindly offered to help on the day. Everyone was already busy laying out the tyres for the veggies to go in and prepping the ground. It was amazing to see the amount of helping hands as well as media coverage partaking in the days activities and the sense of community solidarity was contagious. I helped Deon arrange the veggie seedlings into their individual varieties and then carried the donations from steffi’s car to the designated area. I was very happy to be able to donate some seedlings from Lifestyle centre, some clothing from Bealieu College as well as some Children’s encyclopedias, kindly given to me by Gwyn Rasmussen who I am currently staying with. The school does not have any computers and the library is in its early stages, so I was very glad that they would have a source from which they can do their research and look up any information needed. As Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world” and that is exactly what Miss Earth aims to do and what I hope these encyclopedias will help towards.

I was assigned to painting classrooms along with Nita and Lenie. We had loads of fun using Eco paints that were kindly donated by Self coats and we didn’t have to suffer from any fumes or toxins emitted from the paint which made it even better as a result! We painted the classroom two tones of brown and orange/earthy colors to create a warmer learning environment due to the fact that the classrooms themselves are not very well insulated. We first had to sand down the walls though because of the poly filler we had applied the previous day, so once that was done, we got painting. There were loads of helping hands at every point which included Miss Earth girls, Solwazi primary students, parents, friends and helpful volunteers. I was also appreciative to learn a new skill and I can now stately say I can poly fill and paint walls successfully!!!

Every now and then whilst the paint was drying I popped over to inspect the veggie garden and see what the other girls were up to. It was looking great and it had come together so quickly and beautifully. The best thing was to see the students helping the Miss Earth girls and getting so involved in improving their school and learning about the environment at the same time. Ella Bella and Catherine gave a empowering speech in front of the cameras from various media companies such as ANN7 and Top Billing and I felt very proud being able to be part of something so important. Meals on wheels arrived soon after we were finishing up in order to serve the community by offering them soup and bread as part of the initiative. Before I left I had a look around and almost couldn’t believe the transition from what the school looked like before to what it looks like now. I was even considering going back to school to become a student there myself! It was far more colorful and the veggies added a homely feeling. The classrooms looked brand new and cosy, the trees looked healthier and all in all the place had a face lift of note.

Not only was the school uplifted aesthetically but the community too and all because of a group of people that set aside a small amount of their time to help make a difference. It just goes to show how much we can do as a community when we all come together to help. As they say, “many hands make light work” and this was definitely true that day. Miss Earth did an amazing job by organizing everything and getting everybody involved and it really is a privilege to be part of something that makes such a huge contribution in needy communities.

Mandela himself was a humanitarian and dedicated his life to the needs of others. On this day we helped put aside just a bit of our time in aid of this day and in memory of this great man and father figure to a nation. I think he would have been very proud. Well done to every body involved!!!

Me helping prep the ground!

Veggie seedlings donated by Lifestyle garden centre

The girls helping out with the preparation at the school: Nita,me and Mich

The grounds before

My boot of donations including encyclopaedias

Painting the classrooms with Self coat eco paints

The students helping me plants some vegetable seedlings

Veggie garden after

My Journey As A Green Warrior

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

My Journey as a green warrior…..

Truly one of the most amazing journey’s that anyone could have the opportunity to be part of…
I truly felt honoured when I had the opportunity to become part of this leadership program, for me I always wanted to be part of a programme that had meaning and a purpose and for me Miss Earth South Africa was that.
I was not always knowledgeable about the Earth and all the beautiful things which our planet consist of but as I am carrying on with my journey, it has really taught me and still is teaching me on many ways we can help sustain our beautiful planet for our future generations to also experience the beautiful things mother Earth has provided us.
My Journey does not only teach us about our beautiful planet but it teaches us many other things such as about the poverty in our country and how many people out there are suffering without the basic necessities in their daily life. Many people go to bed every night cold and hungry and most kids in rural areas go to school with an empty stomach and that makes it difficult for them to focus on their education. This year being focussed on Food security, we as Miss Earth Ambassadors had the opportunity in making a difference in our communities by planting veggie gardens and trees in underprivileged schools which was an amazing experience. Being able to teach our future generations in helping to sustain our beautiful planet is one gift that any person can give to ‘our’ children.
Thanking you Miss Earth South Africa for giving me the opportunity in making a difference in my community!!
Nita Kandasamy
Miss Earth National Semi Finalist

Be You.

Saturday, July 19th, 2014
Selfie With Hectic Nine-9 Presenters

Selfie With Hectic Nine-9 Presenters

Expresso Morning Show
Expresso Morning Show

Having an opportunity to sit down and have a discussion about self confidence, what beauty truly is and sharing my story about bullying and how I DECIDED to pick up the pieces, move forward and try to turn it into something positive, and SHARE this with South Africa, was truly a magical experience. It was an honour to be invited on Expresso morning show SABC3, and Hectic nine-9 SABC2.

‘Beauty is being the best version of yourself, inside and out. Except yourself exactly as you are, love yourself and always be true to YOU- And soon, life will become your biggest stage’-Mishka Patel

Proudly South African

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Every fibre of my being, lives and breathes South Africa.

Platforms like Miss South Africa and Miss Earth South Africa, allows me and gives me the platform I need to share my absolute love for this beautiful country, with As many people as possible. To be an ambassador for a brand like miss Earth South Africa, gives me the opportunity to share, inspire, educate, to make a difference and spread awareness Nationally, goal being to go Internationally. I strive to show the rest of the world the beauty of South Africa, the positive FACTS about South Africa, why I am PROUD to be from South Africa, what we stand for and how we are all ONE. We are a beautiful Nation.

Being home to the Big5, having a world wonder in the beautiful mother City, being the adventure capital of the world, the beautiful nature and  what about the 11 official languages? What about our diversity, heritage and rich history? Nelson Mandela and everything he stood for? What about the fact that south Africa is ranked 3rd in the world in supplying safe, drinkable tap water and the fact that South Africa is the world’s leader in mining and minerals? South Africa has so much hope, and has come so far as a Nation. Why should I not be PROUD to call myself a South African?

I am a proudly South African

And I aspire to Inspire- I will educate, live and Breath South Africa.

A good Deed for the Day

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

It would have been a normal day, with my normal errands to run and 2 site visits for the day, to check-up on a few of my babies I planted not-so-long-ago! Who knew my day would’ve turned out so great, with a pure, good-hearted, GOOD-deed for the day!

I decided to visit two of the 6 schools I planted trees at, just before school closes for 3 weeks. The next 4 I will do as soon as the school’s are ‘up and educating’ again. When I got to the first school, Idasvalley Primary, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My blossom Trees(Keurbooms)- which is also 2013′s Tree of the year and fruit trees, are so beautiful, they are growing w

well and they are in such great hands! A few teachers and students came out to greet me, and some of them told me they make sure the trees are being ‘fed’ with tons of water on a daily basis. I was so excited to hear this as I tried to teach them how absolutely

necessary it is to take care of our beautiful environment and the life it gives us.

Idasvalley Primary Site VisitRietenbosch Primary

The same thing happened at Rietenbosch Primary, my eyes couldn’t believe what it saw. My trees are coming alive and so are theses little children! They have become so aware of the importance of taking care of these trees which I have given them, that the importance of saving our planet began to make sense to them. I was so overwhelmed when the principals of both schools asked me to come back when the school starts again on the 21st of July, to speak to their students and give a little motivational talk. I have built such strong and valuable relationships with these students and schools, and it brings me so much joy to know I have been making a difference. and THAT is when my good deed for the day popped into my head.

I received a total of 110 brand new, hard-cover files as a donation from a business man who decided to give them away to people who needed them more than he does. He put them in my hands, and I, straight away, put them into the tiny hands who I have been building relationships with, and the schools who needed them more than I knew. My heart and soul felt satisfied- it might have only been some files and a few trees. But for them, it was Hope.

I have been put onto this Earth for a reason. I am here to help. I am here to speak for those who can’t or those who are too afraid. I am here to bring life and hope, even if it is by planting trees and food gardens. I am here to educate. And love. Not only my family and friends. But the Earth, and each and every one on it. I am, Mishka Patel, proudly South African- And I am here. For you.

Lenie Pieterse: Energy Efficiency workshop, Riebeeckstad Primary School

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

It was an amazing experience to teach young minds that are so eager to learn about renewable energy sources.

I worked with the Gr4’s there are two classes  of Gr4’s in the school one Afrikaans and one English. There are 26 and 36 children in these classes respectively.

I spoke to the classes separately and it was interesting  to see the difference in the children. The one class was more inquisitive and lively, maybe because they were boys and seemed more  interested in the topic.

Lenie Pieterse – Miss Bosveld

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Miss Bosveld:

I was invited as a Miss Earth National Semi Finalist to speak to the Finalists of Miss Bosveld about wild life conservancy and green living, as well as to be a judge and partly MC at the crowning ball 

Thursday 3 July:

I met the girls at the Spur in Lephalale at 14:00, where they got together to meet the judges. I then gave the mini workshop to the judges and the finalists on wild life conservancy and how they can live a more green lifestyle.

After that event I met the finalists at the hall where I ran a coaching session on the opening sequence for the grand finale of the ”Mejuffrou Bosveld” competition.

-          Friday 4 July:

Morning 09:00 to 12:00

There was an interview round the morning where I was able to ask the girls some questions about the workshop I gave them the previous day.

-          Evening 6:30 to 24:00:

The final event was held at the Mogol Club Hall, it was an amazing event with a Gatsby theme.

Lenie Pieterse: Youth day event

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Children’s morning

On the 21st of June I was part of the team that hosted, along with some of the pupils at JeneSaisqQuoi Modelling Academy in Secunda, the Highveld Youth Festival. The day was attended by 100 children from three children’s homes from the area, ranging from 2 – 18 years old.

There were different activities hosted to keep the children busy. There was pin the tail on the donkey, a colouring station, a photo booth, a tombola table and a clown to entertain the children. The children joined us for the morning from 10:00 to 14:00. We served the children breakfast and lunch, with sweet packets to take home.

When asked, one of the girls said her favourite part of the day was playing with the clown.

The smiles on their faces when they left that afternoon made the day extra special.

-          Highveld Youth Pageant

From 14:00 we hosted the Miss Highveld Youth pageant, I was invited  as a VIP for being a Miss Earth South Africa 2014 National Semi Finalist to judge the event. The proceeds of the pageant were split between the three homes present on the day.