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Miss Earth Beauties Attend Axe Cloud Event

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Merishka Naidoo: Cheese Kids

Monday, August 1st, 2011

On Sunday, 17 July 2011 I joined the Cheesekids Mandela Day event in Jozi to be apart of the humbling projects to make South Africa a better place.

 I joined an enthusiastic group of people as we set foot at Amazing Grace Childrens Home in Kipler Park. I got down and dirty painting, preparing a veggie patch and planting veggies and most importantly spent time with the adorable children at the home.

It was an amazing and fulfilling experience but what made the day even more worthwhile was doing these activities with people who are just as passionate to give of themselves and make an impact on the lives of others as I am

Merishka Naidoo: Ewaste takes Centre Stage

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Hi Glam Green Readers :)  On Saturday, 9th July Myself and four Miss Earth finalists attended the launch of Desco Electronic Recyclers E-Waste Bin at Kolonnade. Ten PC’s were handed over to Sparrow Schools in a joint venture between Desco, Medicross Healthcare Group and Incredible Connection. This was a great awareness initiative by Desco and I am proud to have been apart of the affair. Green kisses, Merishka Naidoo

Merishka Naidoo:- Actonville Primary School

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Hi Earth Lovers :)  The 21st – 24th June marked the exciting days creating the Zen garden, incorporating recycled glass at Actonville Primary School. I was eager to work with the staff and RCL members at this school as it is where my schooling career began and the garden created will remain a lasting memory for many years to come.  

I ran a glass recycling project a month before this project and collected many bottles which became a glass border feature in the garden. Hard work and newly discovered gardening skills made for a tranquil zen garden. Together with the help and support of my friend and grade 7 learners, we created glass mosaics, planted trees and plants and designed a mini garden which was a green educational project for the learners and will forever remain a lasting memory in the school.  

The 24th June marked the opening of the garden and was celebrated with a few of my sponsors attending the event. We began with an assembly creating awareness around the importance of glass as a 100% recyclable, reusable and natural product as well as the health benefits. The grade 1 learners were given t-shirts and Consol glass recycling activity books and the principal presented me with a gift to express their gratitude.  

I would like to thank Consol, Afrisam and Happy Gardens Nursery for all the garden features, resources and plants supplied as this project could not have been possible without your support. Another successful and memorable project accomplished while spreading the green word to so many more lives… Green wishes, Merishka

Merishka: Glam Girl Diary

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Greening Maranatha Christian School On 27th May 2011, Alishia and I joined hands to green Maranatha Christian School in Glen Marais. It all began with a special assembly to educate the primary and high school learners about the importance of trees, indigenous & alien plants, recycling, energy saving and renewable energies. I was impressed to learn how much these learners already know about going green and the steps that they are taking to make a difference in their everyday lives. The learners have formed their own group of ‘Green Eco Warriors’, an idea sparked by the Head girl. The group tackles recycling, clean-ups, and other greening initiatives. The Eco Warriors prepared a presentation for us which was educational and informative. The school has collected two big bags of ink cartridges which I will dispose at my local recycling bins.  The foundation phase were eager to join us in planting the indigenous trees around the school despite the cold weather. We demonstrated how the vegetable seedlings  should be planted and taken care of. I am so happy to have taken on this project as it is inspiring to know that learners as young as Grade R’s are ready to take on the responsibility of caring and protecting the environment.

A special Thank You to Consol for the t-shirts and MESA team for your assistance.

Green hugs & kisses,


Merishka: Glam Girl Diary

Monday, May 30th, 2011

On 26th May 2011, Bijan Boutique Hairdressing celebrated 15 years of triumphant looks at the swanky DaVinci Hotel.Myself and a few Miss Earth semi-finalists had the exciting experience of living the glamourous model life. We were dressed by Heni Ester-hijzen couture and sported avant garde hair and make-up by the Bijan crew.A few of us were treated to a glamourous photo shoot before strutting our stuff at the fashion show. The event was fun and exhilarating.Thank you MESA team and Bijan crew for this AMAZING experience, I absolutely loved it!!

Green Kisses,


Merishka: Glam Girl Diary

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Prior to Earth Day, I got a few of my friends involved in recycling plastic and glass bottles. On Earth Day we collected bags full of recyclable material and dropped it off at the recycling bins in our area…We all definitely had a green filled day :)
Green hugs,
Merishka Naidoo

Merishka: Glam Girl Diary

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Here is some feedback on the Anti-Rhino Poaching Campaign which I attended yesterday. I attached a few pictures, including one with Jason Hartmann.

Rhino Poaching is a deadly epidemic which our country faces, and I was keen to be apart of the awareness campaign along with Nametso Chabedi to stop rhino poaching at Saint Stithians College.

The team from educated the junior boys at the college on the many faces of rhino poaching as as well as ways to take a stand against this brutal activity. The team aims to introduce children to conservation, environmental awareness and species protection from a young age as to cultivate interest and a deeper respect for our natural world.
All the junior boys, some sporting “Stop Rhino Poaching” shirts were gathered onto the field in a shape of a rhino. A helicopter flew over everyone on the field demonstrating the ‘aviation against poaching’.

There have been 79 White Rhino and 6 Black Rhino poached thus far in 2011. I encourage everyone reading this to make a difference and show your support by joining

This has been an educational and enlightening experience.

Green hugs & kisses,

Merishka Naidoo

Merishka: Glam Girl Diary

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

I would like to let you know the details of the amazing ‘Toxic Candy’ launch.
On Thursday, 3rd March, both myself and Tamlyn had the privilege of attending a musical extravaganza and showcase at the Marcellus Theatre at Emperors Palace with the support of Savannah and 94.7 Highveld Stereo.
We witnessed the talented pop sensation, Jamali, performing their latest offering, ‘Toxic Candy’. We not only got a taste of Jamali but enjoyed Joseph Clark’s amazing voice as well as six incredible dancers to keep the crowd entertained.
I was ‘wowed’ by their love ballads and edgy dance performances.
I am extremely proud of these ladies who exuberate such love for music. It is empowering to witness a strong super women trio that touch the hearts of their fans through their lyrics.
I can  say that South Africa has talent – talented ladies making a mark for themselves!!
Green hugs & kisses,
Merishka Naidoo

Merishka: Glam Girl Diary

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
Dear Catherine,
Please see below my write-up on the Earth Hour celebration at Jacaranda Day. I have attached a photo of the sky lanterns that I got from the Jacaranda website. I am not sure if we could use this picture.
On Saturday, 26 March I attended the Jacaranda Day celebrating Jacaranda’s Birthday as well as Earth Hour along with Ella Bella in Green Glam Style at the Super Sport Park in Centurion.
We were introduced on stage just before Earth Hour and Ella Bella communicated a powerful green message to the crowd. There after we joined the likes of Juanita and Brandon October in song, “Heal the World”, while bio-degradable lanterns lit up the night sky in celebration of Earth Hour.
It was an amazing experience to be apart of something positive and to be spreading a an important message to hundreds of people.
A special Thank You to Jacaranda 94.2 for hosting us and making us feel so welcome.
Green Kisses,
Merishka Naidoo