On the 21 August 2015 I took the Big 02 Challenge to the Heartlands Baby Sanctuary in Somerset West. It was a beautiful day, planting 6 trees in around the building and beautifying the playground for the children. The day would not have been possible without the sponsor from Stone Three Venture Technology.

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary provides residential care to abandoned, abused, neglected and ill babies from birth to six years of age. They receive a small subsidiary from the government but it only amounts to 25% of what they really need to fund the organisation for a year. they are under staffed and don’t have the resources to take on more children. The facility can home at least 50 children but due to the above mentioned constraints, they are unable to take on more children and only use a fraction of the building. They currently have 6 babies in their care and hope to have more in the future. The organisation has so much potential to be an amazing halfway house for abandoned and abused children but unfortunately as with most good things in life, money is the key driving force and something that is lacking for Heartlands Baby Sanctuary. They currently have a wish list of items they need so I have decided to do a collection drive and collect as many items on the list for them as possible. The items range from nappies, purity food, medical items, clothes etc. I have already presented this idea to my group of friends and together we are going to make this happen for Heartlands.

On a lighter note though, I am ever so grateful for my sponsor of the day, Stone Three Venture Technology, as they even came out to take part in the tree planting. I am so grateful to have been put in contact with such a great company as they played a very active role in the process and introduced me to Heartlands Baby Sanctuary. They had the trees sponsored by the Million Tree Project from Stellenbosch and also supplied the compost, bone meal, mulch, tools and handy men for the day! I really enjoyed the day with them and look forward to the next tree planting project they want to arrange for a school in the near future.

The Big 02 Challenge is not only about planting trees merely, it really is about so much more. it brings people together in a special way as you connect with each other and lend a helping hand to our precious mother earth. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Big 02 Challenge, leaving green footprints at every place we have planted and also for the many people I have met and been able to hear the amazing work they are doing. I feel inspired after every tree planting project, merely from the fact that you get such amazing people out there who do selfless work without asking for much. I am grateful for these moments and will treasure them for a life time.