Adria van der Merwe: Seyesi gets 10 trees from Regional Semi-Finalist.

Seyesi Primary is a school providing valuable education for children from Grades R through to 7, with a total of 680 students. This school has the prime example of Teachers That Care. These Inspirational Teachers have made their school Green, with a veggie and herb garden to sell to the [...]

Annie Kirsten: Interviews

What an amazing feeling it was to realize I am finally following my dream. My dream has always been to help make a difference in our beautiful country. I felt so inspired to know that their are so many strong, independent woman who are working together to create a [...]

Nicolette Human: WasteStopsWithME Dialogue

3 June 2016 Our minds were greened at the WasteStopsWithME Dialogue at the Parktonian Hotel in Johannesburg. The EcoRangers enchanted the audience with their message of the "Green Pikitup Hand" - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink and Respect. Thereafter, Ella Bella opened the dialogue by encouraging all of us to look [...]

Nicolette Human: Joubert Park CleanUP

3 June 2016 On 3 June we marched together with the Pikitup- and Generation Earth Team to the centre of Joubert Park where we started cleaning the streets. Each Miss Earth South Africa regional semi-finalists who attended received either a "Recycables" Bag or an "Any Waste" Bag in which the [...]

Nicolette Human: World Hunger Day – Sandwiches for Hungry Tummies

28 May 2016 On the 28th of May we headed to Gold Reef City Theme Park to make sandwiches for children. Ella Bella explained to us that for some of these children this will be their only meal for the day and that most of them sleep hungry every single [...]

Nicolette Human: 15 Trees for Africa Day – Midrand Primary School

25 May 2016 What better way to spend Africa Day then with children planting trees. On the 25th of May the Miss Earth South Africa Team celebrated the beauty and diversity of our continent by planting 15 trees at Midrand Primary School. The celebration kicked off with the Green Performance [...]

Nicolette Human: To Plant a Tree is to Plant Hope – Ebomini Primary School

25 May 2016 The day after the Miss Earth South Africa castings we celebrated Africa Day! In celebration of this day we headed to Ebomini Primary School to plant trees to aspire the young children to "Think Green". My fellow Earth Sisters, the beautiful Miss Earth SA 2014, Ilze Saunders, [...]

Seipati Ledibane: Greening Rutanang Intermediate School

Processed with MOLDIV On the 10th June 2016 another greening day for me. I planted 5 indigenous trees of Combretun at Rutanang Primary School with 478 learners, from grade 1 to 7. I first gave a lesson about trees, their effect on the environment and their importance to [...]

Gabrielle van der Watt – Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean Up / Melkbosstrand.   29 May 2016  On the 29 May 2016 I initiated my own beach clean-up at Melkbosstrand. I decided to do my clean-up at Melkbosstrand because it is situated near me - reaching out to my surrounding community allows me to be in permanent interaction with individuals in [...]

Gabrielle van der Watt – The Start of my Journey.

The start of my Miss Earth South Africa journey.   04 - 05 May 2016  My name is Gabrielle van der Watt, I am currently 20 years old and in the process of completing my BA degree in Visual Communication. I live in Cape Town and take full advantage of [...]

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