Marianna Christophi- Becoming a National Finalist- Humbled!

Its been the most incredible journey and Im so grateful for the opportunity to continue walking this path with you all, as a Miss Earth South Africa National Finalist. Thank you to Miss Earth South Africa for this humbling platform, empowering me and changing my life whilst teaching me how to empower [...]

Lebogang Mokoena Mandela Week: 67 Minutes of laughter and happiness

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My Mandela Week: 67 Minutes of laughter and happiness Since it was my Mandela week,  on the 20th of July 2017 I decided to continue giving back to my neighbouring areas, to ensure that I do as much as I can with the time that has been given to me. [...]

Marianna Christophi- Merchandise and blood drives

Selling Miss Earth Merchandise is exciting, because the merchandise is so much fun to use and so necessary! Every body should have a solar jar, especially with pebbles inside which reflect the light so nicely, according to one of the eager buyers. Thank you Maria Dzerefos and the Pan Hellenic [...]

Marianna Christophi- 99th blood drive

3 August 2017 Reflecting on Maria Dzerefos 99th blood drive and looking forward to the 100th one🎉! Come through on the 28th of September at the Saheti school Scout hall and be a part of this incredible initiative💫Thank you Kiria Maria Dezerefos for all that you do and for having me be [...]

Caroline Hartog – Beach Clean up🗑🌊🌻☀️

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Heart is feeling so so happy knowing we did some good this weekend at one of my home towns 😻💙🌴🌊 Beach Clean up No.2 went so well and couldn't have done it without my @deanscholtz with a total of 15 full bags of litter !! 🗑🗑 Thank you so much [...]

Orielia Egambaram – The water droplets go up & the rain comes down

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“When the well is dry then we will know the worth of water. “– Benjamin Franklin On Friday, 25th of August, I had the pleasure of spending some time with the cutest group of 4-6 year olds at the Heartbeat Care Centre in Nellmapius. Heartbeat is an organization which was [...]

Irini Moutzouris : Waste Stop With Amadea.

On the 22nd of August I visited Amadea Safe house in order to complete a project I originally started with them on the 7th of August. I first spoke to the learners about waste and the terrible effects it has on our Earth and then I showed them how easy [...]

Irini Moutzouris : A Re Sebetseng

We joined the mayor in the launch of A Re Sebetseng  which is a monthly campaign where each community will do a clean up in their area on the last Saturday of every month! I love this concept and I think it's absolutely amazing! While speaking to the public, the [...]

Lebogang Tema: Sikhanyisele Primary school.

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Sikhanyisele Primary School's tree planting. 15 August 2017. PRETORIA: Lebogang Tema Today marks the day I went to visit Sikhanyisele Primary School in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria. This is the school which  welcomed me into their bosom at the beginning phases of my Miss Earth Journey and it [...]

Lauren Giani- Environmental Awareness Assembly at David Livingstone High School

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On Wednesday the 23rd of August I visited David Livingstone High School in the Northern areas in Port Elizabeth. The purpose of my visit was to hold an environmental awareness assembly at the high school.  There were 759 learners that I addressed about caring for our planet as well as [...]

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