Makhosazana Dubazana: Food collection drive

         We have millions of people going to bed hungry every single day, these people may be on the streets, in homes, it may be your neighbour. Anyone that you can possibly imagine. Small to medium size enterprises and individuals contributed what they could to the collection drive [...]

Elne van Coller: Arbour Day tree planting at Petunia High School

I had the absolute privilege to plant 20 trees at Petunia High School in light of Arbor Day. The trees were sponsored by the Free State Department of Agriculture and Forestry , and we were also joined by the department for the tree planting. I was able to donate Arbor [...]

Makhosazana Dubazana: Why the future is brighter than you think…

  In a world gripped with many social economic and environmental issues, the prospects of the future can seem like just a glare in a black hole. At this year’s WWF conference, we shared on how the Miss Earth South Africa program is a training ground for world climate leaders [...]

Makhosazana Dubazana: Green Drinks

Environmentalists alike gathered on the 18th of August to share advances in science, which seek to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change over a chilled beverage. It was an eye-opening experience as speakers shared their shocking results. This experience reminded me that, with every pressing problem there are millions [...]

Makhosazana Dubazana:#NdofayaCommunityCleanUp

On the 20th of August 2016 the community of Meadowlands reignited their desire for a clean and healthy living environment. A space that is constantly marked trash along the pavements and open fields.  We took action and resolved the issue immediately.  However, at the back of our minds, we had [...]

Shelani van Niekerk/ The Up-cycling Assembly at Temperance Town

On the 4th of August I did my big Assembly for Temperance Town Primary in Gordon’s Bay. I did the assembly here because I wanted to combine the assembly with the Story Garden I had started on the 30th of July. For this garden to flourish, the energy of children is needed [...]

Elne van Coller: Unashamedly Ethical Dinner

Unashamedly Ethical have a dinner annually to reward people making a difference in their communities with a certificate of appreciation. I had the honour this year to be nominated for such a certificate for making a difference in my community and greening my City of Roses. There were many inspirational [...]

Shelani van Niekerk/Story Garden: A Second Implementation

On the 27th August I did the second Implementation in Temperance Town for the Story Garden. In permaculture the first priority is the quality of the soil and this part we covered in our first implementation. The aim for this implementation was to do the planting into the beds. I [...]

Shelani van Niekerk/Last Implementation for the Story Garden/Arbour Day

On the 1st of September the last implementation was done for the Story Garden in Temperance Town. In permaculture a very important aspect is to create an ecosystem where nature ca n take its course and mostly take care of itself. For Arbour day we panted 6 trees at the [...]

Shelani van Niekerk/Activating another Community/Waste stops with me

On the 3rd of September, the day before I had to fly to Johannesburg, I did another clean-up, but this time in Cloetesville Stellenbosch. I was joined by the ward councillor of the area Elsabe Vermeulen and so many other community members and children came to help with the clean [...]

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