Lebogange Orphange is the first orphanage I went to at the beginning on my green journey, a day spent playing with the kinds and realizing how fun it is to tap into the child in me at times. While I was there though I thought of things I wished to see come alive at that place . The Miss Earth Leadership Programme truly has instilled an active seed in all of us . An idea doesn’t sit well being an idea for too long , our passions are never left to be passive ideas when we know we can do something.

The had remembered me from an article that was written in the Noweton about the Miss Earth Ambassadors having fun with the kids.I took into account the body shapes and did a clothing drive specifically for the orphanages and a non-perishable food collection. I will not forget the how thankful they where that I had not ‘forgotten’ about them.  It pained me to hear them use that word ‘forgotten’.

I spoke to the youth there about my green journey and my life , that I learnt the value of money and to be accountable for my future at a very young age and that left no room for me to derail from my path knowing the handwork it took to get me there . I told them about my green journey and how we can all be active agents in our lives by simple acts of kindness towards our environment and people  to show that we are united as the human race.