Dear MESA team


Happy New Year and all the best for the year to come.


I have nearly completed my 2nd law degree write 2 more exams next week then

If all goes well I become a working women! You will be proud my whole house

Has nearly converted to LED lights to reduce our foot print as well as

Geysers on timers, baby steps but at least it is a step in the right

Direction. Was so incredibly proud of Ella Bella heard her on 5fm news

Creating awareness of COP17 as well as the MESA team out in full force!!

Well done to Dom so proud of her, go roomie!!


MESA team you are always in my heart for giving me the incredible

Opportunity to grow and learn about how to become a green-bee always

Listening to our problems getting to know each one of us and growing us! The

Next batch of young girls will become young women through your guidance!


I just wanted to touch base say happy new year and send all my love to the

Team I know you will find an incredible green woman this year!


All the best

Green hugs and kisses

Tamerin Jardine