Doggy kisses

Today, 9 July, I spent 67 minutes at the Animal Welfare Society in Port Elizabeth.

I often hear people exclaim that working full time and helping make a difference is difficult. I fully agree. Yet there are plenty easy ways to make it work. Most of my friends and I myself work full time and seeing them isn’t always an easy task. Yet today when I had plans with one of my friends she suggested we go give the doggies some love at the Animal Welfare Society. What a lovely and generous idea. We spent the morning chatting and catching up while petting and playing with the dogs. It didn’t feel like any effort at all. You just have to make some time and plan effectively. Making a difference doesn’t take much effort or actually time at all and I think many people don’t realise that. Therefore next time when you have some free time, take some time to visit a SPCA or Animal Welfare near you, take your children if you have – to walk the dogs, take some friends and go pet them or volunteer to wash dogs on Sundays.

It took minimal effort and time from myself. Yet it means the world to those dogs who spent most of their days by themselves without seeing any people. They did not ask to be put in that situation and most definitely does not deserve it. All they need and want is some love.

Doggy kisses


“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyan