Plastic Free July

I came across this amazing campaign called Plastic free July. I got all giddy and excited as I love a good old challenge.

The aim of Plastic Free July is to raise awareness to the amount of plastic we use daily and the problems involved with single-use disposable plastic. They challenge people to do something about it. Isn’t it funny how you only realise how much of something you use, once you stop using it?

Accordingly to their website, these are some problems with single-use disposable plastic:

Break up, not break down.

Ends up in the waterways and the ocean.

Increase our eco-footprints.

Now I challenge you to join this challenge. More than a million people around 130 different countries will be joining the challenge. Here are some tips for how you can start your #PlasticFreeJuly:

Use your own shopping bag.

Avoid using straws.

Avoid using disposable razors.

If you would like to accept the challenge visit to find out how to join and what will be expected of you.

Green love