Janelize Harman – Waste stop with us

On May 30th, I spent the day speaking to the Grade 7 learners from Sydenham Primary, in Port Elizabeth. It was truly such a humbling experience.

The learners made my talk very easy, as they have been handling Reuse, Reduce and Recycling in one of their subjects. They could also add to the conversation and was truly excited about everything. The girls especially loved discussing various ways of upcycling products. The girls were also very curious about the Miss Earth programme and couldn’t ask enough questions. Some even pledged – to one day enter the leadership programme themselves.

I am content with the fact that I have inspired young learners, who I hope one day will inspire others in return. I am grateful that I could share the Waste stops with me message.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see”