I know how children love sweets and a party and therefore I organised a party for 36 children at Sekgodi Day Care Centre. This centre is situated about 140km from Polokwane in Limpopo.

I have never seen more disciplined children and I have hosted hundreds of parties for children during my year as Miss Limpopo’12. They all sat very quietly, no one tried to take someone else’s party pack. They all waited patiently until they received their gifts. Although there was a language barrier as the children couldn’t understand Afrikaans or English, I learned that fun is a universal language!

The children’s faces were priceless when they got to open their sweets packets and to find a toy inside. Another magical moment was when they got to put on a party hat for the first time. I had to help each child as they didn’t know how to put them on. The smiles when I made each child a poodle or a sword from a balloon is something I will never forget.

I gave each child an activity book and pencil sponsored by Consol. I also approached individuals to sponsor me with sweets, chips and cold drink. Jolene Louw contributed greatly toward this project of mine by donating sweets and cold drink.

I am sure they had the most wonderful stories to tell their families that night. We take small things for granted everyday and here there were 36 children who has never had a balloon or a party hat let alone a bag filled with sweets, chips and a toy. They truly appreciated all my efforts to host this party and sang me a song to say thank you.