After working very hard at Mall of The North at my blanket drive last sunday, I went to buy 70 blankets today with the R3 370 I raised. It was so much fun doing blanket shopping and I first compared all the prices from different shops before I bought them.

Game stores only had 24 big blankets in stock for R80 and they gave me a discount of R15 per blanket when I told them what it’s for. Thank you Game for the R360 discount – this helped me to buy some bigger blankets instead of just the medium size ones. I then bought the other 46 blankets from Pep Stores for R39.99.

People who were passing me in the mall with two trolleys filled with blankets asked what is this for and it was such a great feeling to say I raised this for charity, knowing that my hard work, smiles as well as rejection during my blanket drive was what made this a possibility. Changing lives and making a difference sure is the most rewarding feeling ever.

On 6 Aug’13 I donated 22 blankets to Ga-Maboi Dropp Inn Centre as they needed 22 blankets for children who is living in very poor circumstances.