Pontsho Disability centre lies very very close to my heart as this is the centre I built as Miss Limpopo’12. I’ve been visiting them since I was Miss Limpopo Teen in 2009 and has been supporting them ever since. When I was crowned Miss Limpopo I decided to use my title to get the right sponsors onboard to build these 55 special autistic children a home. They were living in shacks under very bad circumstances and after 12 months of extremely hard work I got various sponsors onboard including Department Women, Children and people with Disabilities.

I got Defy Polokwane to sponsor them with a washing machine, tumble dryer, stove, fridge and deep freezer of R28 000 last year and as I know these beautiful children of mine loves tomato Sheba I got them a big tomato sponsor. The caretakers will now freeze this in order for them to have lots of Sheba. I also donated them with much needed towels, face cloths and other non-perishable food.

Thank you to ZZ2 for sponsoring me 20 cases of tomatoes worth R60 a box and Makro Polokwane for sponsoring me 55 towels and face cloths worth more than R5 000.

I enjoyed spending time with these children they were so excited to see me again, after almost being there every week last year it feels like my second family.