On Wednesday the 23rd of August I visited David Livingstone High School in the Northern areas in Port Elizabeth.

The purpose of my visit was to hold an environmental awareness assembly at the high school.  There were 759 learners that I addressed about caring for our planet as well as the work I have done during my involvement in the Miss Earth South Africa programme.

After introducing myself shortly I started by explaining what the Miss Earth programme is.

The rest of my talk continued as follows:

“One of my biggest passions has always been to help others and to do work in the community. I entered Miss Earth as this provides a platform for me to make a difference and implement change in and around communities. This programme focuses not only on the people, but also the planet on which we live. It is our responsibility as citizens of mother earth to look after our resources and ensure that they are preserved for future generations.

It’s always easy to think that someone else will do the work to protect our environment, but change can start right here with you. We keep taking a lot from the environment, but we never put back; we don’t actually take the time to look after our environment.

It takes no extra time to throw waste that can be recycled into their appropriate bins. To throw paper into the paper recycling bin or to throw glass into the glass recycling bin will take the same amount of time as it takes you to throw them all into one rubbish bin to just be taken to the garbage dump. And yet, this small change can make a huge difference.

Small actions to save electricity and water take no time or effort. Switch off appliances when you are not using them, switch off lights when you are not in the room, use energy saving light bulbs, use your grey water to water your garden, switch off the tap when you are brushing teeth or washing hands, take short showers, plant low maintenance plants in your garden that don’t require a lot of watering.

Reuse things instead of just throwing them away. Old clothes can be made into other items e.g. pillow covers or tea cozies or used can or jars can be transformed into storage units for small items in the house. Again- hardly any effort. And these activities can really actually prove to be very fun! Fix things that can be fixed, instead of just throwing them away.

There is an old African Proverb that says ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. If we all work together to help save our beautiful planet we really can make a huge impact towards preserving the beauty that we get to enjoy now for our future generations.”

I really enjoyed my time at this school. Thank you so much to Emmy from the Waste Trade Company for accompanying me to this school and sponsoring some lovely prizes for the good listeners!

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