As part of my arts and crafts event held at Healing Minds on Saturday the 22nd, we served a delicious lunch to the 143 children from the Walmer Township community after our fun-filled morning of eco-friendly arts and crafts. The menu consisted of vegetable and lentil soup, bread, cool drink, and sweets. Thank you very much to Total Charlo for sponsoring me with the ingredients to make the soup and for sponsoring me with the bread loaves.

The children were very hungry after the morning activities and they ate their meals in record time! It is not always nice to be exposed to poverty and hunger, but it is a very realistic problem in our country. A lot of these children rely mostly on their schools and community soup kitchens for their daily food intake due to the extreme poverty and high levels of unemployment in the Walmer Township community.

A huge thank you to the Healing Minds team for helping me dish up and distribute the meals.

I feel so privileged to have joined these special children and the wonderful staff at the Healing Minds for such a wonderful time together, I have completely fallen in love with these children!