IMG_20170610_231808_851The recent fires in our country were so devastating! Many lost everything, including their homes and family members. The fires wrecked havoc in various parts of the Western and Eastern Cape.

Woodridge School on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth was severely affected by the fires. Firefighters from all over came to aid in trying to extinguish the flames.

It gave me goose-bumps to see how everyone- young, old, different races- all came together to help in these devastating times. It is ironic to see that something that caused so much pain and destruction had the power to bring a nation together!

I was really touched by the heroism of the brave firefighters fighting the blistering flames at Woodridge and at every other fire in the Western and Eastern Cape regions. I decided to join in and collect as much water, cool-drink, food, eye-drops and lip ice for the firefighters as we possibly could. It really was overwhelming to see how many people contributed! We managed to collect more than enough food and drinks for the firefighters at Woodridge. We took these items to the drop off point at the Woodridge gates. The loss suffered is unimaginable and we can only hope and pray that a tragedy like this will never happen again.

I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

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