International Children’s Day

”Children are the most important aspect in a country”- Nelson Mandela

Children are the only best bet of ensuring a better country for tomorrow. When we teach them about the responsibilities of their actions then we have nothing to worry about. Let’s celebrate the people who bring colour and diversity. Our children are truly awesome.

Today is International Children’s Day which is dedicated to raising awareness about child rights and well-being. Hundreds of events are set to take place across the globe to celebrate childhood and get people talking about the issues affecting children at the moment – and how to solve them. International Children’s Day dates back to 1925 when the world community the world community got together in Geneva Switzerland to talk about the well-being of children.

The date that was finally decided was June 1, which is when much of the world marks the date. The date dedicated to raising awareness of issues affecting children with speeches about child welfare, well-being and rights as well as many events celebrating childhood.IMG_-raatzx[1]