Green Beauties at the Laser Games

Sometimes you need to have fun and take out the kid in you and what better way to do than to play the Laser games. This was so epic because we got to see the fun side of everyone and I saw teamwork, unity, and oneness. We experienced joy, laughter, positive energy, fun and love. We hadn’t played laser games before but the way we played hard, it was as if we have played them before, we were like professionals Michael Cost can testify to that. I saw a different side from the contestants because everyone was enjoying themselves and happiness was witnessed.

Most of us placed at top 20 and I placed too, well done to the Earth warriors. After the game we could not stop talking about it and showing each other our scores but the important lesson I learned through all of this was that, the best moments in life are made by the people you have right now, therefore celebrate them and embrace every moment because they never last forever.

To the Miss Earth Team you really gave us an unforgettable experience and I really appreciate what you did for us. On that night I learnt a new game and I loved every moment.