My Mandela Week: 67 Minutes of laughter and happiness

Since it was my Mandela week,  on the 20th of July 2017 I decided to continue giving back to my neighbouring areas, to ensure that I do as much as I can with the time that has been given to me. I now understand the importance of visiting and sharing love, kindness and happiness with others and that to me it the greatest reward of them all, to give to others.

The Children at House Garcia Child and Youth Care Centre in Pretoria North, taught me so much about appreciating all that you have, and looking at how young they are yet they are so brave especially what they had to go through as young individuals. If they can overcome what they went through at the very tender age, so can I.

They didn’t give material things but they gave me the principles of life. Sometimes it is good to get off the teachers seat and let others teach you and that’s when you realise that you actually don’t  know much but after the lesson, then you become wiser.