On the 23rd of June 2017 we were invited by the Miss Earth Office and the Region D Health Department to attend a Recycling Project Award Ceremony at Dorothy Nyembe Eco Park, Mfolo North in Soweto. The awards ceremony was so educational and their methods of spreading the message to the kids were just too amazing and I was truly inspired and I got strategies on how to teach children about such a broad subject in ways that they will learn, understand and apply into their lives.

The speakers of the day were so mouthful about waste on how we can contribute to help minimise the landfills of the city of Johannesburg as the landfills are so full of toxic waste. A topic about separating at the source was highly emphasised because it makes things a whole lot easier for the people who work with waste to sort it and prepare the waste for recycling.

We were told that recycling is not just about that, but it helps in job creation since we have a higher rate of unemployed youth in South Africa. I would like to pass a big congratulations to the three schools that participated in this recycling project in the Gauteng region. It was such a great honour to be able to speak and represent the Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Programme.
Thank you so much to the programme director Nicky Mazibuko and the team for giving us such a warm welcome we really appreciate it from the depths of our hearts.