PhotoGrid_1496181813971[1]Stop Violence Period Enough is Enough


On the 26th May 2017 I was invited at my Generation School Blue Hills College to be part of the march against gender based violence. I learnt a lot from different guest speakers Voice it in action representative Kgothatso Ferdinand, Rise organisation, Blue Hills Students that gender based violence must stop and we as people should voice it out in action before it’s too late.

The march was dedicated for all the violence we are experiencing in South Africa with so much killings that took place in a short period of time of young women. Victims can be of any age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status. Although both men and women can be abused, most victims are women. Children in homes where there is domestic violence are most likely to be abused and or neglected and most children in these homes know about violence. Even if a child is not physically harmed they may have emotional and behaviour problems.

The importance of parents and children relationships was stressed so that we should be open to our parents and be able to discuss anything with them and the same thing applies to them. When parents raise responsible children then they have nothing to worry about rather they should trust the fact that they have raised a finer young somebody.

The march was a peaceful one yet with so much impact and I believe that the people in Midrand got the message and each and every school, mother, father, learner, teacher, brother and sister who was there received so much more about how to handle gender based violence and at the end men and boys made a pledge to care and to protect women and girls so that we can all live in harmony.

If you are being abused, remember

  1. You are not alone.
  2. It is not your fault.
  3. Help is available.