Sponsored by ZIS Clothing
Sometimes you just have to create opportunities for yourself. Through my Miss Earth South Africa journey I attracted so many people in my life that I never thought I would and it is because of the weight and the recognition this leadership programme has. I was able to be sponsored by “ZIS” meaning Zoe In Snow brand: Purposely Built Designs by Cleopatra Bokaba.


First impressions do matter and Mrs Cleopatra Bokaba made sure that I always looked my best in the two garments she designed for me and I appreciate the sleepless nights, the stress, the time given and the passion and drive to create such beautiful pieces for me to wear. May you receive more than what you need in life and I believe that, because of your beautiful heart you will surely receive more than what you have given. Thank you for seeing me fit to wear your designs.
If you need more information do not hesitate to contact her on the information mentioned below and please do follow her on the following social media platforms:
Facebook: Cleopatra Semathana Bokaba