Friday the 12 May 2017

My 2nd School Assembly at Hoerskool High Akasia

Thank you so much to the Principal Mr J Venter and Deputy Principal Ms E de Langen for believing in what Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Programme. Thank you for opening your school doors to allow me to teach about environmental awareness, and the role youth play in protecting and improving the environment, waste management especially in the rate which we consume things for example meat and the 5R’S Principle was used as follows:

  • Reduce: the amount of meat you eat every day.
  • Re-use: do not take extra plastic bags when we go shopping, use the ones that you already have
  • Recycle: paper, plastics, glass and materials
  • Rethink: changing your life style in looking on how it affects the environment.
  • Respect: when you see a paper on the floor pick it up and when you take action in the right direction the earth will respond in a positive manner.

As I was talking I asked the students if they knew the 3 R’s principles and as I started mentioning the first R-reduce they excitedly mentioned the other two reuse and recycle and it showed that they were really paying attention to what I had to say. This leadership programme is truly amazing as we are not only growing but we are become who we truly are and I am so grateful to be part of such a positive platform in communities, surroundings, churches, children, schools and nation.



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