Workshop Day at 54 on Bath Hotel

I believe in a saying that says “people perish because of lack of knowledge”. Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Programme is a great initiative to promote women empowerment and provide them with knowledge and a platform to create a sustainable difference. Miss Earth South Africa aims at spreading environmental awareness, wild life and the conservation and preservation of what we have for example water and electricity.

On the 22 April 2017 I learned a lot about how we can play our part in making the difference and creating sustainability for those who are still growing and our future children. We were packed with so much wealth of information about how we can start taking those small steps in changing how we view the environment and everything it contains and that it is our duty to protect Mother Earth.

‘’The threat to our planet today is that believe that someone else will save it”. We only have one planet lets care for it, let’s love it and it will in turn love us back, let’s take care of the little things we have so that we can be able to take care of the big things like our lives.

We heard from the speakers who believes strongly in protecting the environment, animal rights, reducing waste such as Jonathan Venom works, Beauty without Cruelty (Defending Animal Rights), Ban Animal Trading, PikitUp.