The Regional Semi-Finalists from Pretoria were invited to join Ella Bella at Generation Earth School Assembly where Ella spoke about the importance of youth playing their part by being involved and through educating themselves more about waste management and showing the need to conserve water and electricity as they are the scarcest natural resources.

Generation earth is the youth for the youth and by the youth. We all need to take responsibility of our actions and how our negligence affect the environment in a negative way and it is only through accepting and looking through our green glasses then we can understand how vital it is for each one of us to just play our part.

Let’s not forget that small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world. This quote says it all we need each other to reach that ultimate goal that at the end of all we will be staying in the world that won’t be needing protection. As a regional Semi-Finalists we were also given the opportunity to introduce ourselves and speak about what we are so passionate about in regards to the environment.

Thank you so much Generation Earth, Ella, Miss Earth South Africa for such a great platform and I must say this is indeed a leadership programme and we are learning so much and am now understanding that in order to be a true leader one must break off the comfort zone limit. This day was never going to be same without you my earth sisters Carla de Kok,Nerina Pistorious, Tanita and Lebogang Mokoena.