The Announcement of the National Finalist 2017

On the 2nd of August 2017 the national finalist announcement 2017 was a game changer for me, because this was a confirmation that I am no longer dreaming but that my plan is definitely progressing. This was the deciding factor for me and to have such a power house of women of influence such as our National Director Ella Bella and  Executive Director Catherine Constantinides to believe in me and in my dreams meant a lot.

The top 16 ladies are amazing and I am looking forward to continue with building each other up and to help one another where we can. I believe so much in the Miss Earth sisterhood because these are young wise women who are about uplifting each other.

One of the quality traits about me is that I am one individual who loves to learn new things. Going through to the next phase of the green journey definitely didn’t create a room of comfort in my life and that is what I call self-development. In the words of Valorie Burton “when you stretch outside your comfortzone, don’t be surprised when you feel uncomfortable”. The longer you stay in that new zone, the more comfortable you will become. Which then tells you that you need to move again and that is how you develop.