Sikhanyisele Primary School's tree planting.

Sikhanyisele Primary School’s tree planting.

15 August 2017.

PRETORIA: Lebogang Tema

Today marks the day I went to visit Sikhanyisele Primary School in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria. This is the school which  welcomed me into their bosom at the beginning phases of my Miss Earth Journey and it was with great pleasure to share with them how far I got into the leadership program with their help.

With this School Visit I saw a fitting  opportunity to have another tree planting session, taking into consideration how well their are taking care of the trees we planted earlier in the year. Each group has a special name for the tree they planted and they treat it as one of their own . They said to e that “these trees are the lungs of the earth so we need to take good care of them so that the earth can breath well”.

I also got to share with them our journey through images  as well as video and it was humbling to watch how happy they where to merely see themselves on the screen. When they saw themselves on the screen dreams were watered and seeds of hope where planted. I sleep better knowing that my journey with them has poured something into them which they will carry for the rest of their  lives.

Through my walk with them, I have learned the true meaning  of vulnerability. that at times its okay to not have it all under control. Their innocent spirits pushed me to want to deliver on every promise I made. Knowing the sad reality that children have to face when  those dear to them don’t keep their word.

Thank you so much Sikhanyisele Primary School for pouring so much love, respect and humility into my life i will carry every experience i had had with you everywhere I go.