20170613_12424113 June 2017

Trees are the lungs of the earth.

Today marks a day I will forever cherish because these bundle’s of joy have made a promise to me and their Principal, to care for the trees we have planted to day. Every morning they will ensure that they water the tree which was delegated to their group.

I must say that i was inspired by the determination in their eyes and I rest assured that  the tress are in capable hands. Without a doubt they will grow to reach their full potential. They have  learned how much we need the trees and how they need us to. Repository is the order of the day, because we receive oxygen from them and give back carbon dioxide. Therefore the cycle is never broken because we feed what feeds us and we don’t exhaust the source.

So we created our little forest in the community of Mamelodi and with assistance from the little earth warriors it will grow to become a place of tranquility, a place where we can gather our thoughts with the lovely breeze and  listen to the birds whisper sweet melodies to us. The shade of these trees will as well be very much appreciated in the hot summer days.