22 June 2017

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”- Desmond Tutu.
Today I learnt this great lesson from the most unlikey of teachers- the 3 year old’s of Mrs Wendy’s Crèche, Alexandra Township🌻🐝

Day one of filming:
We toured Alexandra and interviewed some of the many members of the Rays of Hope foundation, who have dedicated their lives to empowering their community.
Mrs Wendy dedicates her life to her community, moving from teaching at Crawford Fourways to running her own Crèche under the Rays of Hope foundation in Alexandra Township. The Rays of Hope foundation also runs the Gogo’s of hope initiative, giving the elderly the opportunity of creating their own clothing for emotional and creative relief. Finally, we chatted to some of the kids who attend the Rays of Hope homework club and Girls support group, they expressed how their lives have gone from lacking emotional support and care, to overflowing with love and a new supportive family.


Day two of Filming:

We managed to slot in a lesson on pollution with some of the kids at Rose Act Saturday school.🚮These kids willing go to school on a Saturday to better their future. There’s so much more than meets the eye, Alexandra Township.


“Rays of Hope”- the perfect description for this incredible foundation.🙌 Thank you Rays of Hope for allowing me to interview your members and learn so much about all of the wonderful work you are doing within this context. Thank you @ag2gentertainment for advocating humanitarianism, Im so honoured to be sharing God’s work with this incredible company through a medium so close to our hearts- filmIMG_20170702_221142 IMG_20170702_221247 IMG_20170702_221159 IMG_20170702_220659

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