A last-minute venue change turned out to be such a fun morning! Waterfall Educare were happy to have the Natal Mahogany tree I had brought along as it will provide shade and mark the boundary of their future veggie garden!


I chatted to the kids about why we need trees – or rather, they told me all the reasons that they thought we needed trees for. Such a clever little bunch, and they aren’t even in “big school” yet! I was very impressed that they knew what oxygen and carbon dioxide were, and I even got answers like “shade” and “they protect us from the rain” when I asked what we can use trees for. One little girl, Brooklyn, had even heard of Arbour Day, so she and I told the rest of the kids why we are celebrating Arbour Day.

In honour of Arbour Day, the Green Group made beautiful hand print signs that we just had to get a photo of. A very special thanks goes to Cristy North and Helen Spalding of Waterfall Educare for having me, and to all the cutie pies who helped plant our tree and name her (we settled on Petal).