World Environment Day is celebrated globally. We often forget what was given to us like a free of charge ticket – Earth. Occasionally many of us with the world becoming one giant bustling city, we often forget about those that are left behind, not by choice but simply because of the unfortunate life they are in. We need to constantly take time and remind ourselves that despite given a free ticket to Earth, we need to protect and maintain what we were given. Also protect and help those that are not as fortunate to enjoy our beautiful Earth. Therefore, it is our duty to allow opportunity for those in need to also gain the free privilege of what Earth gives without asking for anything in return. This is where the beauty of World Environment Day is great as even though we should be giving back to our planet every day, but for one day the world unites and gives back to our magnificent planet for 24 hours together.

Miss Earth does this daily and for World Environment Day, we cleaned up Mshenguville Park in Soweto and because of this, it was the first time I was privileged enough to visit Soweto. It humbled me where community members invite you home without even knowing you. As I walked through the town off my taxi, each community member greeted and spoke to me. This for me was the biggest opportunity, to not only give back to our planet by cleaning up the park with fellow Miss Earth participants, but to interact with such humble members of the community. Their warmth and smiles motivated me to give back even more to our Earth and now I can fully understand why Miss Earth constantly says – once a Miss Earth, always a Miss Earth!