After our Silverton Primary, Glass-Greening-Educational Project, Helmien and I decided to still join our Co-Regional Finalists for the recording of Madiba’s Happy Birthday song.  We got onto the Gautrain to Sandton Square in Sandton City, Johannesburg.  This was very easy to find the co-finalists, as the square was filled with laughter, voices, footsteps and most of all, the companion of strangers with the same purpose – the recording of a special Happy Birthday to Madiba.


Can you believe it – Madiba is turning 94.  So blessed to still experience the presence of our Africa Dad in South Africa.  Surely, July 18, will not only be celebrated in South Africa, but worldwide.


Over 400 people gathered to join in the song recording.  It was amazing to see so many celebrities around us, Danny K, Melinda Bam, ProVerb, Jeremy Mansfield, Kurt Darren, Bonang Matheba, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Gert Coetzee, Good Morning South Africa Presenters………..and many many more.


It was such a warm hearted feeling and sooo cute to see the children of South Africa, proudly waving the South African flag, and gave everything to sing along ………. We Love You Tata !


Herewith the video link to the recording – please look at the minute score @ 3.34 – I’m standing right behind Kurt Darren:  Did you see me ?  Not – well, I guess Kurt Darren was a bit taller than me – I’m there ! ! !


Thank you Lead SA for this create initiative – a memorable moment ! ! !  I’m so proud to say I’ve been part of the 2012 Happy Birthday song recording for Madiba.  Many thanks to Miss Earth South Africa in association with Consol for inviting us to be part of an amazing event.


Happy Birthday Madiba, may the Lord bless you, may July 18 be a day, not to forget soon.  We ALL love you !!!


~ Green Smiles ~

Olivia Odendaal