Amidst a sea of 25’000 participants at the Supersport Park in Centurion, there was us, Team Earth – decked out in bright green ! The SPAR Women’s Challenge is an annual event which brings together thousands of men and women annually in celebration of women’s month. The hashtag for this year was #BetterTogether and what better way to create awareness of social and environmental injustices by connecting like-minded people as opposed tackling this task alone. I am aware that one person is quite capable of making a positive difference in the world, but, by uniting individuals from various backgrounds, we are reminded that certain challenges are bigger than ourselves and thus together we can achieve more.

This slogan, “Better Together”, highlights the fact that every person has their own role to play in the bigger picture, and thus when we work together, the synergistic effected generated is outstanding. As South Africans, we are reminded of the profound Zulu proverb; “umuntu mgumuntu ngabantu” which translates to “a person is a person because of /through people (people). This relates to the sheer importance of others within our lives to achieve our goals and to be who we are. Times may have progressed since 1956 when a group of resilient and courageous women marched to Union buildings, however, as women we need to be able to uphold one another rather than tear down one another.


Being part of such a great initiative has really been fulfilling and I am so glad that we were all able to “walk for the earth.” I was privileged to have been joined on the day by friends, colleagues from the CSIR, and part of the Miss Earth Team. I am especially grateful for the support from my amazing parents(pictured below) who drove some 300-odd kms this morning from Swaziland and then proceeded to walk the 5km with me. How truly blessed I am!