In celebration of World Environment Day, I conducted a cleanup, as well as a tree and vegetable planting day on the 3rd of June in Akasia, Pretoria North. At the onset, it seemed like quite the mammoth task, given that we were required to clean the land of the alien species and weeds as we prepared the soil for planting.
Thanks to the generous donation by Budget Plants (R3 & R5 Nursery) I could plant 10 fruit trees, 2 indigenous trees and 20 trays of 6 various kinds of vegetables at the Akasia branch of Revival Christian Outreach Ministries. Prior to the event, Mr T.C. Mathaba from SANBI was generous enough to help us survey the land, in order to determine which areas were apt for planting. On the day, a member from SANBI, Ms. D. Moshe kindly offered support throughout the day’s activities. I would like to thank them for always being willing to get their hands dirty and their valuable input along my green journey.

It was wonderful to see members of the community come together to participate in this event and contribute towards the development of the garden. We hope that this project will expand over time and that there will soon be a sustainable, organic vegetable garden thriving in Akasia. This clean-up truly taught me that I will never be able to see a change in the world, if I, myself am not willing to get my own hands dirty first.

I would like to also extend a thanks to Mr J. Lightfoot from Plastics SA for sponsoring me with 400 refuse bags which were used for my cleanup. I am extremely grateful for the sponsorship made by Budget plants as they not only provided me with the trees but also assisted with bone meal, planting tools and a service vehicle.