Every activity that I have done during my Miss Earth journey has warmed by heart and left me with an immense sense of purpose. There was something special about today’s task, and the memory will forever be embedded in my heart. Today (18th August 2017), I had the privilege of working with the team from Tateni Community Care Services. Tateni is a community-based NGO that operates in Mamelodi. Tateni is focused on caring for these who are vulnerable and investing in the children and youth.

Ma Regina Mokgokong, the director of Tateni, is 75 years old and has been working at Tateni for 12 years(Pictured below). This is her second retirement job and in the short time that I spent with her I know that she has a heart of gold and a passion for mission work. Together with Ma Regina and 2 other team members, we visited one of the “after-school care centers” in Far East Mamelodi. This center cares for students who are vulnerable by providing them with educational support and a hot meal.

I spent some time with the children. They had quite the line-up prepared for us; singing, dancing, reciting poetry and even discussions about their desired professions. Given Ngwenya, one of the learners, recited a poem entitled “I’m just a child” which highlighted the innocence of children. I was absolutely thrilled to hear of how she wants to become a medical detective. The highlight was a song entitled “Never Give Up”. I was instantly reminded of how blessed I am and that if these vulnerable children could be this courageous, then I could too!

I would like to extend my utmost thanks to RCL Foods (Mageu no 1) for their gracious sponsorship of 260 units of Mageu which I was able to donate to Tateni Community Care Services. This donation will truly make a difference in the lives of these children.