IMG_20170815_110425On the 14th of August 2017 I had the honour of being at the launch of a great initiative; the launch of #AreSebetseng which focuses on community clean ups.

I have done a number of clean ups by now, and they never get old or less exciting. It is exciting to see more people want to volunteer to ensure that mother earth is clean and is breathing a lot better. We take a lot from the earth, therefore seeing people want to give back to it is always heart warming.

#AreSebetseng intends on doing a clean up monthly, if we all take a part of this and carry it out through out the country, we will brag about not having any litter to clean up.

This initiative has highlighted to me that through working together, we can achieve more. I look forward to seeing more people join us in turning our home into a litter free zone.