IMG_3771-1-1-1There is a common saying that “charity begins at home”, meaning that one’s first priority is to take care of the needs of those closest to them, like family. On the 26th August we had a community cleanup in my community, Phase two, in partnership with our local municipality, Mangaung Metro Municipality and Central University of technology.
The aim of the community cleanup was to raise awareness about illegal dumping and the problems we are facing globally related to waste, dumping sites and the impact we all have on the environment. In order to create much spectacle about this campaign, I visited local a radio station and to use the campus notice board to invite students, staff and campus visitors. I was able to get the support from my university, Central University of Technology, this included the university allowing students from the Department of Health and Environmental studies to join us at the cleanup in so that the students can raise awareness community members – to inform them about waste, illegal dumping and to encourage the community to follow the 3Rs- reduce, reuse and recyle.