Lebogang Mokoena: Tree of Hope

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  Lyndhurst Primary School Grade 3 Learners: Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding imparted by Miss Earth South Africa, Ella Bella and Johannesburg zoo     Tree OF Hope The children are the future and it is so vital to raise them in a manner by which they will implement ways on [...]

Lebogang Mokoena: Workshop Day at 54 on Bath Hotel

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Workshop Day at 54 on Bath Hotel I believe in a saying that says “people perish because of lack of knowledge”. Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Programme is a great initiative to promote women empowerment and provide them with knowledge and a platform to create a sustainable difference. Miss Earth [...]

Caitlin Gengiah: First school recycling project

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Super amped and excited to start our recycling program with my first school. This also creates an awareness of our #WasteStopsWithME campaign. A few simple ways the school can work together with the kids. We have also started our first vegetable garden which the kids can learn about and maintain [...]

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