Orielia Egambaram talks Climate Change at Steve Tshwete Secondary School

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  On the 27th of June, myself and three other Miss Earth girls were given the opportunity to be part of the European Unions’ Climate Diplomacy Week which was hosted at Steve Tshwete Secondary School. The Climate Diplomacy Week is hosted around the world and has been hosted annually for [...]

Caroline Hartog – Guest Speaker at Chelsea Prep for #WorldEnviroMonth ♻️💚🌴🌲👐🏼🌎

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Had the pleasure of being asked to be a guest speaker at @chelseapreparatoryschool for their #WorldEnviroMonth assembly and received the kindest welcome !! 😁♻️🙌🏼 My heart was so happy seeing the passion in the kids roles and how excited they were to spread the awareness of caring for our environment [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Community clean-up.

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3 June 2017 I am so happy that my community clean-up at Jackson Dam and at Alberton Dam was such a success. I got a good response from community members and our local newspaper The Alberton Record was there to support me. We picked up a lot of waste around [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Pretoria FM broadcast.

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10 June 2017 Pretoria Fm hosted a community clean-up which I attended. I was so happy to see that people are wanting to make a difference and clean-up their environment. I think that people’s mind-sets are starting to shift and they are beginning to realise the importance of looking after [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Gr3. Activity

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19 May 2017 The educational activity with the Gr.3’s at General Alberts Primary school was so much fun and I know that we, the children and I, all enjoyed it. We took old tin cans and made brand new pencil holders! I also taught the children the 4 R’s which [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – School assembly

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19 May 2017 I had the privilege of engaging with the learners at General Alberts Primary school assembly. I talked to them about the Miss Earth South Africa leadership programme and the wonderful work that we do as well as our waste stops with me campaign. We then talked about [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Educational talk at Sci-Bono

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17 May 2017 I have been invited to attend a Miss Earth South Africa and Pikitup educational talk at the Sci-Bono centre. I was very excited to attend the event and help spread awareness about the wonderful leadership programme of Miss Earth South Africa and the work that Pikitup does. [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Project with My Waste

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During the course of journey I have met with a company called My Waste. They specialise in making recycled products such and benches, decks and chairs out of recycled plastic. Their biggest problem is the separation of waste therefore they have given me a bin separator project to promote on [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Fitness session with Khabonina

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7 May 2017 I thoroughly enjoyed the fitness session that I attended with Khabonina and Miss Earth South Africa. We talked about why eating and being healthy is important and what a big role food can play on our health. We also talked about the influence that other people have [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Visit to the local SPCA

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28 April 2017. I remember growing up, my mother always taught me to take good care of animals because they can’t speak, ask or talk for themselves and that having a pet comes with responsibility and putting someone else’s needs before your own. This showed me that I should fight [...]

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