Caroline Hartog – Beach Clean up🗑🌊🌻☀️

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Heart is feeling so so happy knowing we did some good this weekend at one of my home towns 😻💙🌴🌊 Beach Clean up No.2 went so well and couldn't have done it without my @deanscholtz with a total of 15 full bags of litter !! 🗑🗑 Thank you so much [...]

Caroline Hartog: Signs of hope 💚♻️🌻

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Loved seeing this on our walk yesterday 😻🙌🏼🌈 #greengreeeeen #KZN #worldenvironmentalmonth

Caroline Hartog: Mandela Day 2017 ✨🌟🐶🌹🇿🇦

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''As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the ability to do the same'' - Nelson Mandela 🇿🇦💚 Today we give up abit of our own time to do something for others - where I visited #SANBS & @thesunflowerfund where they had an aim of saving [...]

Caroline Hartog: Regional Finalist Week Earth Girls Dinner 🍣🍱🍩🌭

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We were SO spoilt by @tsogosun & @missearth_sa at dinner last night !! 🙌🏼😻💃🏼 This journey has been nothing but worth it and I couldn't be more grateful !! 💚💚

Caroline Hartog: Mandela Day 2017 Project 💐🌈

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Today was one of my best days this weekend with the lovely @missearth_sa team !! ♻️😻💚 We got to visit Nka-Thutho school in Soweto and we were able to give so much love and light to these amazing young kids💚 We had GIA there where the students were educated on [...]

Orielia Egambaram talks Climate Change at Steve Tshwete Secondary School

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  On the 27th of June, myself and three other Miss Earth girls were given the opportunity to be part of the European Unions’ Climate Diplomacy Week which was hosted at Steve Tshwete Secondary School. The Climate Diplomacy Week is hosted around the world and has been hosted annually for [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Gr3. Activity

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19 May 2017 The educational activity with the Gr.3’s at General Alberts Primary school was so much fun and I know that we, the children and I, all enjoyed it. We took old tin cans and made brand new pencil holders! I also taught the children the 4 R’s which [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Project with My Waste

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During the course of journey I have met with a company called My Waste. They specialise in making recycled products such and benches, decks and chairs out of recycled plastic. Their biggest problem is the separation of waste therefore they have given me a bin separator project to promote on [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Fitness session with Khabonina

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7 May 2017 I thoroughly enjoyed the fitness session that I attended with Khabonina and Miss Earth South Africa. We talked about why eating and being healthy is important and what a big role food can play on our health. We also talked about the influence that other people have [...]

Sonmari Erasmus – Visit to the local SPCA

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28 April 2017. I remember growing up, my mother always taught me to take good care of animals because they can’t speak, ask or talk for themselves and that having a pet comes with responsibility and putting someone else’s needs before your own. This showed me that I should fight [...]

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