Nurayn Ismail – World Environment Day spent in Soweto

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  World Environment Day is celebrated globally. We often forget what was given to us like a free of charge ticket - Earth. Occasionally many of us with the world becoming one giant bustling city, we often forget about those that are left behind, not by choice but simply because [...]

Annemieke van Aarde: Kicking off World Environment Day

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Kicking off World Environment Day celebrations with Pure Hope Primary. This morning the grade 3 learners and I picked up litter around their school ground and at the fence bordering Plastic View Squatter Camp.  They take great pride in taking care of their environment and are enthusiastic about recycling and [...]

Orielia Egambaram: Getting down & dirty (In Akasia), to change my world

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In celebration of World Environment Day, I conducted a cleanup, as well as a tree and vegetable planting day on the 3rd of June in Akasia, Pretoria North. At the onset, it seemed like quite the mammoth task, given that we were required to clean the land of the alien [...]

Timeeka Govender: Zandspruit cleanup

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Richard Roger once said, "the only way foward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved" On the 3rd of June in celebration of world environment day, I held a community cleanup in Zandspruit. Zandspruit is an informal settlement northwest of Johannesburg, with [...]

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