On the 13th August I visited Meridian Primary School where I had a meeting with the Deputy Principal of the school as well as my Ward Councillor, Gerhard Fourie, to discuss my Miss Earth South Africa Legacy projects.

I am ever so grateful for meeting with my ward councillor about two months ago now as he has opened doors for me throughout my green journey as well as helped me connect with important people. I had previously mentioned to him that I wanted to focus my legacy projects at a school in my area and specifically Meridian Private School as they are a brand new school with so much potential. After our meeting those two months ago, Mr Fourie arranged a meeting with the school for me and even joined on the day as he believes in the projects the Miss Earth SA programme offers and wants to be involved in his community.

The meeting went extremely well and I am proud to say that Meridian Private School has accepted the BIG 02 CHALLENGE as well as committed to starting up a Generation Earth Council! My goal for the Generation Earth Council is to equip them with the knowledge to green their school and respect the environment around them. Furthermore I want to instil a sense of passion for the environment within them and get them excited about biodiversity and the world we live in. Children are powerful and we forget what they can be capable of if given the opportunity. They are the leaders of tomorrow and if we don’t grab hold of these opportunities to teach them and learn from them, we will only have ourselves to blame. The environment will be in their hands one day and if we can teach them to not only respect themselves but also the environment; we are on our way to greening future generations.

What an honour to be involved with this amazing school and I look forward to continuing my green journey here and being a ‘green’ role model for the learners of Meridian Private School!