Starting a vegetable garden at Boepathutse Junior Secondary School in Soshanguve as one of my projects has been amazing. We decided to make our own organic compost to get the soil ready, and that soon became a fun activity for the learners.  Collecting the skins of vegetables every evening when their moms where cooking, old dried leaves and grass cuttings, it was as adorable to hear from the learners how their families where so involved in helping help collect materials for the compost.


Organic Compost

vegetable skins , dry leaves and grass cuttings where collected from the students

Seeing how the learners had stopped littering around the area where the vegetable garden would be planted showed me how involved not only the grade 7 learners, but how the whole school was on board. A vegetable garden committee was introduced to me to reassure me that the garden will be well maintained and taken care of.

Getting the soil ready

It has been beautiful to see how they have they owned the vegetable garden, and enjoy taking care of their own craft, their first vegetable garden in Boepathutse Junior Secondary School , thank you to the MESA Leadership Programme.

spinach, onion and beetroot where planted