Giving Is the Principal thing

On the 31st of July I went to Steve Tshwete Secondary School in Olievenhoutbosch in Centurion to talk to the learners about the importance of giving back to the community. This is one of the things that Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Programme is about. Food security is one of the difficult things to overcome alone especially in the world we live in with inflation, climate and droughts taking their toll. That is why Miss Earth South Africa has green ambassadors all over our country to help others with the little they can help with.


I couldn’t have achieved this alone but, with the help of the school learners and teachers this project was a success. What awed me was when the principal and one of the teachers said to me, thank you so much for opening our eyes. We never thought that the people in the community suffer the way they do, and to know that even in the school there are learners who actually don’t have food to eat. This gave them a different way of communicating and gave them a little bit of an understanding of where the students were coming from. This made me realise that never in life take things for granted because it is during those times where you change people’s lives.