Plastics SA donated 5 packet of bags for Clean Up

Three days before the clean I asked Mr Jacques from Plastics|SA for plastic donation for my Clean Up that was happening on Friday the 11th August 2017. I arranged to pick up the plastic bags in the morning of my Clean Up before the starting time in Olieven. I didn’t have to convince him or try hard to get the plastics, in fact he made it so much easy for me to communicate with him, and he is such a wonderful person.


I was only asking if he could help me in donating the plastic bags and he was more than happy to assist and gave me 1000 plastic bags I asked, which I will be using to all of my Clean Up Campaigns coming up soon. What surprised me, was when he wished me well on my green journey and on how he spoke to me and with these words I want to say thank you so much for helping me and for encouraging me to keep on moving. Thank you so much at @PlasticsSA