IMG_8972One of my favourite things in the world is engaging with young people. So, I jumped at the opportunity to attend a school visit and give a talk at Seshegong Secondary School.

In the month of August, I visited the school twice to deliver a talk tailored for Seshegong Secondary School’s Matric class of 2017 as well as to present a school assembly talk to the school’s senior and foundation phase learners.



It was a great honour and pleasure to engage the class of 2017. The Grade 12 learners were on the eve of writing their Matric Prelim exams and needless to say, they were quite nervous about entering the next phase of their lives. This presented the perfect opportunity to share my green journey and encourage Matriculants to start to thinking about the legacy that they will leave behind at the school and their community.  I urged the Grade 12 pupils to initiate pay -it- forward initiatives before they leave for university or college in order to ensure exponential growth and a greater success rate of Seshegong Secondary School pupils’ out in the world.

On my second visit, I also got to share my green journey with the rest of the school’s senior and foundation phase learners at their school assembly. This was a great platform to meet the rest of the learners but also get an insight on the school’s and learners socio-economic position. A key observation was the fact that the school, like many schools in marginalized areas lacked adequate infrastructure such as a school hall. Such infrastructure is crucial the development of school pride and also affords the learners an assembly that is inclusive and interactive ( ie not all learners could hear me or other speakers because there is no mic and the assembly is held outside – making the sound’s travel inconclusive). further, to the lack of infrastructure the school does not have enough bins in order to alleviate / adequately address litter within the school. Such lacking infrastructure make it difficult to inculcate a culture of environmental sustainability. I hope to one day work closely with the school in order to create and implement initiatives with the learners that will address the above.