During my green journey with Miss Earth I’ve had the privilege of working with several different organizations and this has allowed me to develop a good bond with these entities. Nellmapius Primary School 2 in Mamelodi, Extension 1, is a prime example of a fruitful working relationship. It was thus an absolute pleasure to return to the school for my school visit & to conduct a greening activity on the 16th of August.IMG_20170816_143433[1]It really is refreshing to find students and teachers who are passionate about greening their school environment. I chose to do a simple planting activity with the grade 6’s and 7’s. We planted succulents in 2L bottles. This activity is one that I quite enjoy as it highlights the importance of planting and having plants within our work(school) space. Furthermore, reusing the 2L bottles rather than throwing them away instills the idea of “upcycling” with the learners. The children could decorate the bottles as they saw pleased, and it was such a delight to see all the creative designs.

I also spoke to the learners about the succulents which we would be planting, particularly the versatility and durability of these plants. By incorporating the pieces of thread into the design to act as “straws”, the plant can go for extended periods without water.

I’m grateful to Mrs. Makofane and the staff at Nellmapius Primary school for always accommodating me.