On Saturday, 26th of August, I launched the “Clean” portion of this project at Nellmapius Secondary School 2. During my green journey, I have come to form quite the bond with this school, and I have done numerous projects with them. Earlier in this journey, I assisted in “greening” the school by planting 10 trees in the school yard and just last week, I taught the grade 7’s how to plant succulents in 2L bottles.
The aim of this project was to ensure that not only were the school grounds clean, but also that the area around the school was a pleasant environment for the children. Therefore, we cleaned a portion of land directly opposite the school on Nellmapius drive, Mamelodi.

I was lucky to have had Henry Nuwarinda from NCPC as the guest speaker. He educated the students on the concepts of waste as well as the importance of maintaining a clean environment. Given that it was a chilly Saturday and attendance was mandatory, I was over the moon to have so many learners present at the cleanup. They were ever eager and thanks to their hard work and dedication we filled numerous bags with waste, which required a garbage removal truck rather than a van which was initially sent to us by city of Tshwane.
Looking back, I can truly say that this was a successful campaign. With the aid of the school, I would like to conduct such a project quarterly. #WasteStopsWithMe is such a powerful campaign and the message ought to be instilled in the minds of these future leaders.
I am ever grateful for the support and cooperation of Nellmapius Primary School 2, namely Mrs. Makofane, Ms. Khumalo, Mr. Chauke (the principal) and Mr. Mamba. I would like to make special of a parent, Mary Moahi, who was present and helpful throughout the day. It is because of parents like her that our future generation will strive to be the change.