Mahlasedi Senong-Announcement of National Finalists

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Happy and excited to announce that I'm officially selected as one of the Miss Earth SA National finalists 2017. This has by far been an amazing experience and thank you Miss Earth SA and Team for believing in me and entrusting me to take on such great responsibility and continue [...]

Mahlasedi Senong-A new generation

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Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden🌻🍀🌹🌼 Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.~M.D   ...Teach children from a young age the importance of preserving mother earth and they will grow to [...]

Trisha Rajkumar – Eco-Bin Distribution

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Today I distributed the non-perishable items collected through the Eco-Bin initiative. the Eco-Bins were located at 3 locations in the Dundee area, namely ABSA Bank Dundee, Northern Natal Courier Office and at Accounting Solutions. the Bins were put up on Mandela Day and will be a continuous initiative that will [...]

Mahlasedi Senong~ Dinner at the Rosa

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We were privileged to have our dinner at the Rosa joined by the Tsogo Sun team welcoming us officially to the Palazzo Hotel. Thank you so much Tsogo Sun for hosting us and making sure we feel at home,enjoying every moment of our stay. The food and the company was [...]

Mahlasedi Senong~Our Children,Our Future

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I visited Talitha Cumi Children’s home and together with the children we planted trees. After planting trees we played various games and this made me realize that every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique,not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding. Through our interaction I met future Miss Earth candidates. The future is in great hands.Thank Talitha Cumi Children’s home for having me and allowing me to spend the day with the children and feed them knowlege about the earth and our role in it so they grow knowing why preserving the planet earth is most important. […]

Mahlasedi Senong~ World Oceans Day

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Celebrated World Oceans Day 2017 with the amazing Bloemfontein Regional Semi-Finalists and kovsie fm team on air raising awareness on keeping our oceans clean. Did you know the oceans contribute to 70% of our oxygen? Shocking isn't it? That's why we need to conserve our oceans and you can simply [...]

Shannon Williams : Tree Planting * 10 trees 10 classes *

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10 trees 10 classes The morning of the 22cnd June had arrived and being filled with excitement, myself and the trees made our way to Accordion Street Primary School, which is situated in Belhar Cape Town. Entering the school gates only felt like yesterday when I was walking my six-year-old [...]

Fathima Osman – A Community Clean Up

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The Community Clean up I decided to incorporate the community clean up into the up-cycling workshop at the orphanage. I was apprehensive as to how the children would respond to picking up litter in their community. I was concerned about whether they would feel ashamed to walk the streets seeing [...]

Green Lifestyle is a Healthy Life Style- Heart felt Experiences

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I have chosen a charity that i work with every saterday. I do personal training in my free time at a Model School where I groom young ladies and mentor them and a boot camp every saterday at Tempe Gym Bloemfontein. I changed the bootcamp name to Green Life Style, where [...]

My Green Life Style Journey

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Miss Earth South Africa Throughout my journey up until this far I feel so privileged. Through my projects ...i feel blessed, being sorrounded by such beautiful souls, beautiful smiles and full of life made me feel even more motivated. After planting we took time and shared so much. I realised [...]

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