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NAME : Tamerin Jardine
AGE : 24
REG : Gauteng, Sandton
BIO : Having recently finished her law degree, Tamerin is entering the Miss Earth South Africa in association with Consol for a second time. Tamerin is extremely passionate about the plight of animals — big and small — and hopes to dedicate her life to improving the quality of life for animals.
QUOTE : I truly want to leave a mark, a legacy and make a difference to something that I live and breathe for.
NAME : Amanda Ndiki
AGE : 23
REG : Gauteng, Tembisa
BIO : Down-to-earth and humble with a strong character, this final year marketing student hopes to become a leader for our nation. Amanda believes that by participating in the Miss Earth South Africa in Association with Consol Leadership Programme she will gain the knowledge, experience and awareness required to do so.
QUOTE : The MESA outreach programmes have provided a platform to allow me to give back to the less fortunate and to spread the awareness of an eco-green nation.
NAME : Aurelia Nxumalo
AGE : 23
REG : Gauteng, Sunninghill
BIO : This hardworking young lady is working full-time whilst completing her Law degree. She believes in humanitarianism above all else and describes herself as a “full-time lover of the earth.”
QUOTE : Your beliefs don’t make you a better person... your behaviour and actions do. Be the change you want to see.
NAME : Charlotte Isabelle Clark
AGE : 23
REG : Gauteng, Midrand
BIO : A well-traveled, compassionate young lady with a thirst for knowledge and a love of fashion and art. Charlotte dreams of owning her own eco-friendly fashion label. Charlotte is a proud vegetarian who believes in defending those who cannot defend themselves. She prides herself on her sincerity and integrity and loves hearing about people’s different journeys through life.
QUOTE : I believe one should fight for one’s rights and for the rights of others.
NAME : Annchen Richeter
AGE : 23
REG : Free State, Bloemfontein
BIO : Friendly, hardworking, creative and goal-orientated small business owner from Bloemfontein. Annchen believes that success does not come to you; you have to work hard for it. She loves working for people and has a passion for helping others.
QUOTE : You reach your full potential when you know your boundaries, ignore them and reach beyond the possible into the impossible.
NAME : Chanelle Davids
AGE : 23
REG : Gauteng, Southdale
BIO : A fine-arts graduate strives to live a life of integrity, love and strength while uplifting and enriching the lives of the people she meets. A community-minded young lady who believes in the intrinsic strength of people and the explosive nature of possibility
QUOTE : The greatest gift we can give ourselves is realising our worth, going when people believe we will fail... and singing when all the world thinks it will hear is a whisper.
NAME : Claudia Degenaar
AGE : 20
REG : Western Cape, Plattekloof
BIO : A performing artist and SOS Goodwill Ambassador and Dahlia Care Centre Ambassador, Claudia is quick to tackle challenges and accepts even the most daunting tasks with a smile.
QUOTE : Let’s make the Earth a better place for you and me.
NAME : Dambisa Ndzondo
AGE : 24
REG : Eastern Cape, East London
BIO : Originally from East London, now living in Melville while she pursues her postgraduate qualification in Economics, Dambisa describes herself as “captivated by nature’s beauty.” She believes that the neglect of our planet is intolerable. A strong family-orientated upbringing and a desire to educate the youth and contribute to a better South Africa for all inspired her to enter the Miss Earth South Africa in association with Consol.
QUOTE : I believe I can be an ambassador for a cleaner and better South Africa
NAME : Jenna Lithgow
AGE : 23
REG : KZN, Athlone Park
BIO : As a committed individual, Jenna, strives to share her knowledge and set an example of green living. A Supashape Fitness Athlete and Beach Bikini Model, this KwaZulu Natal native is a passionate and caring individual who lives live to the fullest.
QUOTE : To live on this earth is an absolute privilege, something we should not take for granted.
NAME : Marina Nicolaidis
AGE : 19
REG : Gauteng, Bedfordview
BIO : A full-time law student at the University of Johannesburg, Marina is passionate about community development, Greek dancing and kickboxing. She is champion of environmental and social causes.
QUOTE : We need to manage resources and human impact correctly to encourage cohesion between us and our Earth.
NAME : Jade O’Donovan
AGE : 24
REG : Gauteng, Johannesburg
BIO : Currently working as a marketing assistant , Jade has a passion for golf, travel, scrapbooking and a wide variety of sports. She is an outgoing and motivated young lady with a lust for life.
QUOTE : I believe that it is important to preserve our environment for future generations.
NAME : Lara Potgieter
AGE : 24
REG : Western Cape, Rondebosch
BIO : Lara believes strongly that all being should be afforded equal respect. She is the editor or a magazine that promotes all that is positive about Africa. She is active both in wildlife conservation and domestic animal welfare.
QUOTE : All beings should be afforded equal respect — from the rural child to the endangered wildlife species, to the tree that shades them both.
NAME : Middah Tseka
AGE : 25
REG : Gauteng, Pretoria
BIO : A confident, vivacious young lady with a positive outlook on life. This BComm graduate, originally from Limpopo, is currently working as a business analyst at the South African Reserve Bank. Middah loves traveling, cooking and has a passion for various dance styles.
QUOTE : There is only one planet Earth and we as residents of this planet have a responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations.
NAME : Nadine Johnson
AGE : 25
REG : Gauteng, Kensington
BIO : A dynamic young lady with a passion for the outdoors, Nadine enjoys pushing boundaries with her love of extreme sports. An avid scuba diver with a passion for marine life, Nadine is focussed on issues of environmental sustainability.
QUOTE : My participation in community service initiatives have lead me to believe that investing in a combination of community and environmental efforts will lead to a better future.
NAME : Ntandoyenkosi Kunene
AGE : 20
REG : Mpumalanga, Piet Retief
BIO : This 3rd year BEd student is fun-loving, outgoing and hardworking. She takes pride in her cultural background and believes her culture keeps her grounded. Her passion for education has led her to the Miss Earth South Africa in association with Consol programme. Ntandoyenkosi strives to positively influence the young minds she comes into contact with.
QUOTE : Like a wise teacher once said, “Teaching is like a granadilla fruit; we should have that taste for our profession because we are surely going to have bittersweet moments.”
NAME : Dr Nayha Gautam
AGE : 25
REG : Western Cape, Bellville
BIO : After completing her medical degree at the University of Stellenbosch, Nayha went on to work at GF Jooste Hospital. Nayha is an experienced ballroom dancer and is passionate about her physical fitness, she also keep herself mentally active by participating in various debates.
QUOTE : A bright and beautiful woman reminds others of the need to care for Mother Nature.
NAME : Olivia Odendaal
AGE : 21
REG : Gauteng, Pretoria
BIO : A full-time BSc student at the University of Pretoria, Olivia is passionate about the environment and enjoys scrapbooking and being creative.
QUOTE : I believe the Miss Earth South Africa is a great platform to create awareness of our environment for generations to come.